The current 2019 RANSA Winter Wednesday crew roster developed by Ian and showing the all important cake roster is HERE.

Here are some photos of the passionate (sailing wise) Passion crew.
You can see more photos from 16th December 2009 here .

Crew with new crew shirts posing on the back of Passion XCrew with new crew shirts posing on the back of Passion X

Breakfast at the Deckhouse. Very nice!

The crew at Passion X Launch the Deckhouse Woolwich Dock

The Twilight Crew minus Dave who is behind the camera
Elaine at the helm
GFS Twilight 16th December. See more photos here
Beautiful – the blade jib that is!
GFS Twilight Dave and Malcolm
The crew minus Peter who is behind the camera
GFS Twilight Dave and Elaine
On the edge GFS Twilight
The Men’s Shed men
The crew is Passionate
Santa’s Helpers
Fiona and Dave with the prize
Winter crew ready for action (photo by Jenni)
Winter crew with Jenni included
Paul and Sean Edmiston fly the kite
Twilight Crew 25th March
Peter at the helm and Derek on mainsail
The Oarsome Twosome or Rub a Dub Dub 4 Men in a Tub
Dave flying solo in front of Woolwich Dock
Dave under the rainbow June 2009
The skipper and Sydney City