Another pursuit race and another lottery in and out of Humbug mixed up the results tonight except for Joli who proved to be the king of the pursuit series with a win in the last race of the series.
Fireball put in another good performance to score a second after their win last week and as we approached them around Cockatoo Island the last time they did everything they needed to keep us in their dirty air and keep us at bay.
We might have been happy with that but for a late gust through Humbug that brought Meridian reaching down on top of us beclamed and pinching hard for Onion Point. The route along the Onions Point shore was not as successful as it can be and Fireball did better out mid stream than we did in close.
Lisdillon started on the same mark as Passion X and we had a very interesting tustle with them with the lead switching according to who was on the lifting tack.
The later starters had trouble catching the early ones on a three island course compared to the four island course last week so Jackpot went from second to second last which is not a reflection on their on the water performance.
Agrovation had a good day with the third fastest elapsed time behind Joli and Meridian.
Next week we will be back to scratch starts and hopefully less of a lottery.

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