Yes after the very busy week changing the spreaders on Passion X we were rigged and ready for the twilight race. Despite the light conditions pre race we went with the No1 heavy genoa and were so pleased with our decision. The breeze sprung up to a healthy 15 to 20 knots and from a direction that meant we had a long first work up the narrow Humbug.
After lots of ducking sterns and calling for room to tack on lee shores we arrived at Cockatoo Island. To our dismay our port tack at the Island left us ducking lots of sterns as the starboard tackers had a big lift in their favour.
We now had a run and reach to Goat Island and in the fresh conditions we kept up with the fleet. Dump Truck had pointed up under us at the start so we were slow off the line while they disappeared in the distance along with Agrovation. The rest were in close proximity and we were enjoying the contest.
Around Goat Island we had an inside lift on Meridian and Fireball but they both made up for that with their own inside lifts at the approach th Cockatoo Island for the last rounding.
Meridian got through and we were unable to catch her on the run and reach home. It was all we could do to stay in front of Fireball who was carrying wind up from behind.
We were closer to the front of the fleet than usual in the conditions and for once were enjoying the heavy air tacking. But was it the more favourable course or was it the hard work changing the spreaders.
Only time will tell.


Action shot adjusting the genoa halyard on the way to Cockatoo Island

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