A day after my last post I cut the first bulkhead for the new yacht. Not daunted by the size of the frame I started with the largest which is 3.8 metres wide. This is the bulkhead at the aft end of the cabin and inside it forms the entry to the quarter berth. In just in time fashion the communications with the naval architect arrived agreeing on the width and location of the quarter berth opening and as soon as it was cut correctly a drawing arrived in perfect agreement. In similar fashion I have worked from the transom to the cabin adjusting cut outs for the wider yacht and leaving more meat in the frames to allow for the wider spans. Once the scantlings are completed there may be scope to trim back some of the frames but I am pretty happy with the sizes as they look suitably proportioned for the larger interior.
As of today I have five frames cut and on some the process of adding reinforcing has begun. Based on the current rate of progress it is possible that in three weeks all the bulkheads could be completed but there are some roadblocks. I need to get my head out of the sawdust and epoxy resin fumes and order in some essential supplies. You would thing this an easy task but when one is addicted to the smell it is not so easy.

Five bulkheads at various stages of construction shoehorned into the garage

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