Last night the thunderstorms stayed away and we managed a race despite the wet conditions. Racing conditions were truly tricky. Our notable win was a 45 degree lift along the Birchgrove shore that let us clear Long Nose in a single board. Our notable loss was the knock along Snail Bay on the way home where we were trapped between a Black fleet yacht stalled head to wind on the concrete dolphin and a procession of Green fleet starboard tackers coming up with breeze. A couple of tacks here in little breeze and the fleet leaders were gone. It also allowed French Connection to catch us and while we were ahead going into Humbug a big lift for the following yachts did us no good as we had to tack away from the shore on a big header.
Next week it will be fine for the Christmas Party after the race. The forecast says so and I believe it. After all the rain we have had there can be not much left. I want it to be fine for the party and I want the sun to come out so I can get on with the boat building. Today I invested in another tarpaulin to give the hull a double cover and used the time to measure up and cut panels for the cockpit. If the sun comes out I might make some progress.

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