With the Laser on the way to Perth Saturday was free for Elaine and I to enter Passion in the Greenwich Flying Squadron Saturday race.

It was a picture perfect day for a race with the only downside a burnt face from the sun reflected back from the water. Despite wearing a wide brimmed hat all day I have suffered from not putting on the sun screen. On the course we did not expect to be competitive as we were not going to set spinnakers so we set ourselves the modest expectations of having a good time. After a few tacks we got into a routine of Elaine loading up the new sheet on the winch and letting the old one off as we tacked. Unfortunately the genoa clew kept catching on the stanchions and life lines which meant Elaine had to take the helm while I dashed forward so we tacked as little as possible.

Between us we got quite a work out. Elaine wore her knees out on the non skid so a set of knee pads will be in order for the next occasion we do a two hander. We achieved our objective of having a good time and were quite happy that we kept in touch with the fleet.

Tracks for Saturday's race at GFS

Tracks for Saturday’s race at GFS



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