Way back on 27th of November I posted a photo on facebook of the new build covered with tarpaulins and today it looks little different so what has been going on?

27th November photo of the bulkheads covered with tarps

At the 27th November all the bulkheads had been fitted but no stringers, backbone or sheer clamps.
In the intervening 19 days all the 22 by 44 stringers have been cut from 285 mm by 32 mm wide planks which means two cuts for each stringer then thicknessed, scarf joined and edge routered. The 22mm by 32 mm tangent stringers needed only one cut per stringer but they still had to be thicknessed to 22 mm, scarf joined and edge routered. Then there was the 100 mm by 12 mm ply doubler for the tangent stringers which had to be cut, joined and had the edges routered.

You need a big back yard to turn the 12 metre long stringers around from the under cover carport to the hull construction site

Fitting the strongback was an important task not to be rushed and I had to take 2 mm of the planks and re router the edges before finally gluing it in place over a two day period.
While fitting the strongback the stem and stern knees had to be installed locking the elements together and then the stem knee had to have 12 mm ply doubles added to build it up to 48 mm thick.

Laser aligning the stem
Two layers of 12 mm ply for the initial stem knee to be augmented with another 12 mm layer each side. All under covers against the weather.

Next in line was the sheer clamp and at this stage the port one is fitted while the starboard is biding her time waiting for her turn. With a bit of fine weather that will be tomorrow but if it rains and the gluing surfaces get wet the job will have to be delayed.

16th December progress showing the same tarps but including a strong back, port sheer clamp, and all the stringers scarf joined and sitting in slots in the hull

To be not too harsh on myself the weather has been not very boat building friendly and while the centre of the build is protected rain can still blow through and delay proceedings.
Another factor in the seeming measured progress is the care I am taking to keep the bulkheads straight. My budget of one stiffener per bulkhead soon blew out with up to three being required for the thinner 9 mm bulkheads but the time taken is proving well worth the effort as the sheer clamps are going on without deflecting the outboard edges of the bulkheads

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