We scored am improbable third place in the West Harbour Winter Series division 2 today. With a minimal crew we started with the anticipation of improving our handicap for the later races in the series. Off the start line it seemed that our expectations would be fulfilled. We were even more certain of a handicap improving result when we realized we had left the two big spinnakers on the dock. This was a serious seniors moment and one which left me anxious for the safety of the two spinnakers. We made do with the poled out headsail and it worked pretty well in the conditions. Most of the legs were either dead square or so tight that spinnakers were not a big advantage. The poled out headsail seemed to work much better than the assymetric spinnakers on the square legs. Consequently we had not lost a lot of time and had even gained on some Division 1 yachts that had trouble flying their assymetric spinnakers. The big move came around Goat Island where we have lots of practice on the GFS Twilight races. Here we skirted the becalmed fleet and passed all but the one that got away and finished half and hour ahead. We were kept honest by Red October in the hunt for second fastest and they did get us in the end when the breeze switched 90 degrees.
Most of the fleet in the Division 2 failed to finish or were left so far behind that our unfavorable handicap did not matter.
Just think how awesome we will be when we remember the spinnakers!!

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