We seem to be performing better since we put Passion on a diet. I estimate we have removed 300 kilo of ballast and surplus equipment. We have compensated by being a bit more conservative with the sail area and that paid off well today.With the No 2 genoa with a LP of 135% we held our own on the reach to the heads and sailed well on the work back to Rose Bay. It helped that we made a good start on the boat end and kept low out of the wind shadow of Bradleys and it helped when on the beat to windward Malcolm pulled the adjustable back stay tighter than ever. The reward for all this was a second place today to the heavy air specialist Viva. Our all winds performance has however rewarded us with a first place on progressive points.
While the points are nice due to our handicap what was nicer was the fastest time position ahead of all the Northshore 38 and Aggrovation. We did chase Izzi all the way around the course and were rewarded on the last throw of the dice when we took their transom and held on to the middle of the harbour and came back on a lift. It was our one bit of luck for the day and a bit of icing on the cake.

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