Last Sunday was the third race of the West Harbour Winter series and an enjoyable change of course. For the first time we were sent out around Shark Island and back around Goat. The course produced a good range of tight beating and close reaching with only one spinnaker possible leg from south of Goat Island to Long Nose.
All the excitement of the start was experienced in high definition as Boxer bore away to run down the line oblivious of our position to leeward. Only loud shouting woke them in time for a late bear away behind our stern. This was a truly frightening experience and the thought of a full speed Adams X crashing into the midships of a stationary Passion X does not bear contemplation.
We struggled off the leeward end of the line due to a late header which allowed the higher yachts to run over the top. Pinching hard is not our strong point and we had to wait till we cleared Balls Head to bear away and make up ground. We did well on the broader reach to pass Irukandji only to have them power over the top of us when we went hard on wind around Shark Island. We tried but were not to catch them again.
On the broad reach back from Goat we flew the code 0 outside the No 3 jib and did quite well except for the well sailed lightweight yachts with asymmetric kites on poles.
We finished mid fleet on handicap still wondering how to go faster to windward.
it was a most pleasant afternoon with an above expectation supply of breeze on a new and interesting course. A big thank you to the starters.

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