Looking up the wind readings on Sydney Harbour from the Wednesday RANSA race left me with the feeling it was a good one to miss.
While the fleet was battling light conditions I was journeying to Ireland for the World Laser Masters regatta and regretting that we would be missing two important races at the end of the RANSA regatta.
Allegro and Joli did not make up much ground on Passion X on the leader board but for all of us the horses have bolted and our previous positions near the top have been taken by Agrovation and Izzi.
Hanni did well on the day and deserved a better result but the handicapper has her pretty well nobbled to continue the horse metaphor. The handicapper has still not relented on Joli’s handicap and it appears that spending any time on the podium results in a persistant bias to the upside.
At this stage of the season the only honour we can rescue will be a high handicap representing our standing in the fleet as a fast boat.
We will return for the last race hoping that our fellow GFS members, Agrovation and Izzi, stay at the top.

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