The wind was light and fickle and if that was all the story it would be ok. The new gas lift boom vang was supposed to solve a lot of our light air tight leech problems and while it kept the boom out of the cockpit it was probably not cocked up enough to let the leech fly free in the very light conditions. Again we had to resort to dropping the main halyard in the light and raising it the gusts which takes time to execute.
The conditions certainly favour the more rounded buoyant yachts with less wetted surface to drag through the water and once the breeze picked up we were able to catch the tail of the fleet. Nevertheless the front markers were into the breeze first and enjoyed stronger conditions to finish well ahead.
The difference in wind pressure was notable with the Blue fleet who started 5 minutes behind but only went to Goat Island still trailing the last of the Black fleet who had gone back around Cockatoo Island after rounding Goat.
The photograph from the deck of a Blue fleet yacht shows the lifeless conditions through Humbug on the way home.
Of course the secret is to get to the front early and have that first use of the new breeze but we have found ourselves very slow through Humbug this season.

We did beat one yacht around the course and did beat one yacht on handicap. We almost caught Lisdillon who were on the same handicap so the 10 second margin in their favour over the line was also 10 seconds on handicap.

Through Humbug on the way out Lisdillon ran over the top and while it is dangerous going too close into Greenwich Point on the way out it worked for them as they passed us and Joli. Indeed Joli was below us at this stage and forcing us head to wind as we all seemed to have different wind angles around the point. Joli pulled away and went for the stronger breeze in the middle of the course and left us behind while Lisdillon did the same from above. Much Ado V was having the same sort of problems as we and did not get a clear break until half way to Goat Island but by this stage Joli was off chasing Meridian who was chasing Jackpot who was chasing Dump Truck. As Dump TruckĀ  came around Goat Island reaching back through Snails Bay we were still in Snails Bay working towards Goat island so it is no surprise they beat us by 17 minutes. Jackpot prevailed over Dump Truck by eight seconds and picked up a first on handicap. This reverses the across the line result from last week so these two are having a great tussle at the front of the fleet.

Current forecast for next week is just slightly stronger so perhaps we will get a reasonable ride through Humbug.

The conditions for the tail of the Black fleet and all of the Blue fleet on the way home.

The conditions for the tail of the Black fleet and all of the Blue fleet on the way home.

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