Prudence overwhelmed frustration and the promised Friday afternoon social distancing race was aborted with a day to go. Elaine had accompanied me to Gosford the day before so I could exercise on accordance with the letter and spirit of the lockdown. It was during the time I was on the water in the single handed Laser that the notice of cancellation came through so I missed it completely.
On Friday we duly set out and rigged Passion X early for a 2 PM start. With time on our hands I looked to confirm our start time. After much searching I found the missed message.
What does one do when you are rigged and ready but go for a sail anyway. We made an early start to sail the course for exercise and the early start was fortuitous as the wind died.
It took 2 hours and a couple of minutes to do the full routine. Some of the other potential starters also hit the water for family only or compliant social isolating exercise. Those that did so around the abandoned scheduled start times ran out of wind. Virus or no virus there would not have been finishers last week due to too much wind and this week due to not enough. Let’s hope that when we can race there will be breeze.

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