Crew warming up before the start

Crew warming up before the start

I was keenly looking forward to the forecast nor west breeze where we could reach up down the long leg to the heads but there was no breeze. Waiting for the delayed start we enjoyed brilliant sunshine and were soon taking off jackets to enjoy the warmth and to soak in a dose of vitamin D. That same warmth sucked in a light sea breeze which allow a start on a long beat to the heads.

At the boat end it was quite crowded with Allegro, Hanni, Krakatoa and I think Foreign Affair. We followed close behind this group and were able to shave the start boat for good start. To leeward the yachts approaching on a tight beat were in quiet air and never challenged at the start line. A good start was just the beginning of a close tussle with Hanni since Krakatoa went off like the volcano she is named after, Allegro charged confidently ahead trying to keep up with Foreign Affairs.

At times we were faster on the beat than Hanni and at times the table was turned. Agrovation picked up a nice lift on the left of the fleet and with superior speed romped up the fleet. Joli steamed through close into the shore and out of the tide and we thought we had lost them but for the last throw of the dice going into the top mark where we saved a tack and rounded with Hanni , joli, Amanti. Crosshaven and Whistling Kite.

On the long square back to Steele Point we poled out our largest genoa with our longest pole and parked most of the crew on the bow to get the fat stern out of the water. The whole group made up ground on Allegro on this leg but not enough. The last leg was a reach into Rose Bay for a much shortened course. For this last leg Joli went wide and reached up inside Passion X for a narrow beat on time. Thanks to a reasonable handicap we finished fifth and were pretty pleased considering most of the race was a windward work. Krakatoa was a clear winner on handicap by over two and a half minutes while we were just a minute and four seconds out of second place.

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