Firstly I extend my deepest sympathies to the victims of the massive blast in Lebanon today. This nation has suffered enough and hopefully this tragic accident will unite them on a path to recovery. I used to work at a factory that made explosive grade Ammonium nitrate and did the field testing on the product to verify that it exploded properly. That produce was destined to the mining industry and we handled the product with utmost care under strict regulations.
Putting aside the sad news the day in Sydney started with clear skies and fresh westerly breezes as is typical for August. Before the start I said to the crew our result would be determined by the selection of the correct genoa and so it was.
I opted for the No 1 heavy which is a light skin carbon sports cut a little flatter than the No 1 light. The selection was perfect for the breeze with our better windward performance particularly pleasing.
The first leg was a broad reach on port tack and we started on time in the middle of the fleet. Unfortunately we could not reach out from under the windward yachts nor run away far enough for clear air. Sandwiched between i Super and Allegro we were letting Fidelis, Amanti, Agrovation and Crosshaven reach away ahead. At one stage Allegro did a little round up which was our cue to break cover and then pull ahead of i Super. Hitchhiker was just in front too and we had to judge the mark rounding carefully to give the yachts in front room to round.
The biggest surprise of the day was our windward working speed. Admittedly we were a few degrees of hard to windward and ten degrees is worth a knot of boat speed but seeing over eight knots occasionally was a delight. It must have been a good angle for us as we held Allegro and I Super and Whistling Kite for that leg and for the bear away into Rose Bay. We tried hard to run over Hitchhike with her reefed main but no no avail and again we had to negotiate a lot of traffic at the Rose Bay mark. Amanti got a bit of a break here but we held on to Hitchhike. Around the top of Shark Island we went wide and avoided the wind shadow that trapped Crosshaven and Hitchhike but could not break through their lee. Ahead we could see Agrovation unwinding herself to pass the mark and that cost her quite some time but she did not wait for us. All that was left was the work hard on the nose to the finish and her we managed to lift inside Hitchhike but had Hanni lift inside us so we gained one and lost one.
Across the finish line we were delighted to have finished ahead of Whistling Kite, Leeward, Allegro and Joli given the fresh conditions.
Our fourth place on handicap was enough to climb up the leader board to second but only one place ahead of Amanti who gained two points on us for the day.

Tracks for today's race showing the angle to Steele Point compared to the hard beat home

Tracks for today’s race showing the angle to Steele Point compared to the hard beat home


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