That is the gap from first fastest back to Passion X in a very bunched fleet. On handicap it was even tighter with just 12 seconds separating Joli in second place and Passion X in fifth. Meridian in third was five seconds in front and Coco in fourth just a single second ahead. The handicapper will be very proud of his work tonight.

The race started in northerly winds gusting to fifteen knots and a little more. On that angle Passion X performed well under full main and No 1 heavy genoa where we hung onto the tail of Agrovation and Meridian until the breeze shifted to the north east and we had to work to the top mark. At the shift the yacht to leeward flopped over and passed ahead of Passion X but it was close at the top.
On the run back to Steele Point we travelled well with the genoa poled out and pulled a few metres ahead of Hanni. On the gybe we left the pole up to leeward and gained on the fleet only to have Amanti drop their pole and reach up under us. On the reach to Point Piper we managed to sail out from under Amanti but on the work around the island they were too smart and too fast while we were locked down by the high pointing Hanni just behind.
Around the island and on the reach home it was anyone’s race. We managed to reach out from under Hanni but could not make an impression on the leaders.
At the finish it was a well enjoyed race with the only surprise the narrow loss to Joli and Meridian on handicap.

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