One of my concerns on Wednesday night was the lack of cooling water in the engine so we were very constrained on how we used the motor. On Thursday while Elaine was at the gym I did a quick dash to the boat and replaced the water pump impellor which had lost a blade. In very quick time the pump was back in action.
A second concern on Wednesday was that the instrument brightness was out of sync and the autopilot was glowing brightly while the wind instrument was dark. Nothing ruins your night vision like a bright light in your face and in the absence of a wind direction how do you steer? Not very well is the correct answer so I checked the instrument instructions and reset the group lighting and here is the silly thing, set it very low so that in daylight they appeared to be off.
The net result was that without a visible warning in the cockpit I left the power on .
Friday afternoon I get a message that the nav lights are still on so we made another quick trip to Passion X to turn the power off. Now after 28 hours of power draw the voltage was still at 11 and the fridge was all but frozen over even with an open top.
Anyway it was a pleasant late Friday afternoon drive and drinks and cheese and bickies on board while we gave the battery a top up.
For good measure I set the group illumination on the instruments a little brighter possibly brighter than the skipper.

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