After last Friday’s chaos it was a return to a steadier conditions and an uneventful chase around the islands. A later forecast change to windier conditions caught me with the big genoa hanked on and after feeling the full brunt of the breeze out mid stream we motored post haste to the mooring for a change down to the No 3 headsail. There was a big drop in wind strength the further inland you were so we were nicely powered up for the work to Goat Island but underpowered for the two runs around Cockatoo Spectacle and Snapper Islands.

By the second circuit Guwara with a larger headsail was holding us out and Avalon gaining quickly but we held on for second place in the diminished fleet. Perhaps last weeks blow out kept them at home or perhaps the warmer weather did it but for sure it was a better breeze than they will have enjoyed for the twilight race.

The wind direction for the afternoon was very consistent and out chart plotter tracks for the two laps of the islands show an identical path leaving little room for Avalon to show their wind picking and fast tacking skills.

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