With only half of the garage floor available for construction the progress on the bulkheads has been very sequential. The warmer weather of October spring has accelerated the epoxy resin cure and on some days two gluing sessions have been possible. One before coffee in the morning and one after dinner in the evening.
Today I tried the double decker method where the first epoxy lamination was covered with my favorite gluing aid, oven baking paper, and the second bulkhead placed on top. Not only did that work well but the day was warm enough for a second session before dinner.
In between laminating sessions I carried bulkheads into a shaded part of the garden for routing, sanding and marking up. I would call this al fresco boatbuilding, a term stolen from my sailmaking friend, Ben Gemmell who has done a bit of sailmaking in the garden during Covid lockdown.
While working in the garden a friendly lizard visited to make a close inspection and I did manage to capture his visit on camera.
All in all it was a pleasant productive day

Two bulkheads stacked for epoxy gluing
Working in the garden on the transom
Able Seaman Mr Lizard inspecting the work

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