The rain held off for the last of the twilight races at GFS and for the final BBQ of the season. After nine years the caterers are moving to Queensland and we will need to find new caterers for the coming season. They did superbly well for their finale.
The crew of Passion did the best they could of a slow start and managed fourth place on handicap. The pin end of the line was favoured but the wind backed leaving us the leeward yacht in a freshening gust and so we were well run over by the whole fleet but for Tartan who started late. The wind shadow at the exit to Humbug proved as challenging as ever and those with their nose into the breeze first were well rewarded while we took dirty air from everyone. We benefited by staying high on the course on the beat to Long Nose and picked up Avanti and Farrst Company. Gwhizz managed to tack back from the point and onto our line just in front so we had to follow them all the way to Goat Island. Around Goat we took the high ground for once and reached over the top of Gwhizz more by good luck than good management and from there we kept our air clear to lead them home. Up in front the early bolters were not having it all their way. Agrovation had cleared out again but Izzi, Worlds Apart, Saoirse and French Connection were having a close battle for second fastest. Through Humbug we kept Passion moving in the light and shifty conditions to make up some good time on the fleet and secure the fourth on handicap.
Very fittingly at the results presentation Saoirse won the award for the yacht with the most difficult to pronounce name.

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