The title is a bit of an exaggeration as we did have to tack around a couple of marks as well but out on the course there was just one tack to make the Rose Bay mark and one tack around Shark Island. Apart from that it was a beam reach up and a single board back to Steel Point.

2015-09-09 16.43.36

Tracks from our two tack race today

We generally do better relative to the fleet with a square run and a work but today we were powered up close to the top of the wind range for the carbon tri radial genoa and managed a fifth place on handicap.
I have not yet seen the times for today’s race but from the series results shown on RANSA’s web site our position was fifth just behind Enigma, Izzi, Trim and Mercedes IV who was first.
This result moves us up one place in the series to fifth overall just ahead of Rainbow and looking at the scores a fifth is the best we can do with one race to go.
What more can we ask for but a beautiful spring day on the water and finishing in the top half of the fleet.

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