The words of our former Twilight Captain were true again on last Wednesday when the last placed yacht in one division was awarded a prize. If Mark had not been there would we have awarded the prize to the yacht that did not finish? Yes we too won a prize courtesy of better performing yachts whose crews did not return to the club for the most enjoyable BBQ.
The race was pretty uneventful in our division except that this week Izzi got the better of us on fastest time to push us back to fifth fastest. The results do not show this but will in time be corrected and Izzi may well jump to second on handicap for the night.
The black fleet had an interesting start with one yacht starting her motor to avoid a collision and then doing turns and restarting. I agree with the principle that yachts should be able to use motors to avoid collisions but the RRS require that we specify this in our sailing instructions (rule 42.3 (i). Oh well I did say it was social sailing.

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