The high humidity is putting paid to my high hopes of turning the new yacht this month. The forecast for the rest of the week is for a lot more rain and that will not help. During the downpours I have gone shopping and stocked up on epoxy resin and paint. All the timber for the deck has been ordered but it will need dressing and sawing to size. I have bought and added three extra circuit breakers to my switch panel, bought conduit for the cable duct that will go through the refrigerator and bought the bolts needed to secure the engine mounts. In all there are sixteen bolts which will have heads under the engine so I am tack welding them to the mounting frame so that the nuts can be tightened up without getting under the engine. At least the welding can be done under cover from the rain.

I keep finding jobs that are better done now as they will be impossible later. A case in point is the ladder on the boarding platform. The ladder will have to be secured to the platform but once the platform is glued in place there would be no way to add reinforcing behind. So that means deciding on the boarding ladder to use and pre installing the reinforcing. I was reminded how important is this feature when a friend fell overboard from a yacht last weekend and was retelling the tale after sailing on Saturday. He described how hard it was to get back onto the yacht without a ladder. A  little unit from Whitworths looks very sturdy and has six fastening screws and should do the job nicely.

Another job that was better done with the hull upside down was the base plate to hold the refrigerator compressor unit. It is not a big job but needed a couple of timber cleats set level. The plan is to screw the compressor to a 12 mm ply base and slide the base into position on the new cleats.

After discussion at the local club I decided to install doors on the two large bottom lockers. There is one in each of the front berth ante room and quarter berth ante room and adding doors will allow us to store heavy items low down. Today I purchased some hinges and latches so if the wet weather continues there is another job I can do.


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