For the last two weeks we have managed to achieve fastest times in our Blue Division at Greenwich due to good starts and a clear run through Humbug. Last week our seeming race winning lead was extinguished by a new breeze coming down the course and only a lucky gust at the finish saved us. This week we escaped Humbug on the way out in a similar fashion and managed to hold onto a two minute lead all the way. At the start the breeze was a bit more East than last week and we could not make the start line of starboard if we sailed up the Lane Cove River. We had to run back to the fleet and gybe before the line of moored yachts so that we sat higher than all the fleet. With the bias on the line we had a good lead and could tack onto starboard at will. Even with freedom to tack we just shaved Onion Point of the way out which saved us a few more seconds. On the work back to Goat Island we were on the wrong side of two shifts off Greenwich and did not get back into phase with the changes until we settled into a longer leg along Snails Bay. I begged for wind to get above the concrete dolphins and we got just enough angle so that Frank, putting in a welcome guest appearance, could not reach out and touch it. A timely involuntary round up turned into a tack and had us back in phase. Worlds Apart was no longer steaming up to our stern as she had been coming into Long Nose.
We sort of held our own for the run back around Cockatoo Island with the only real excitement being a late swerve to windward to avoid the protruding yard arm of the monster moored at the South East corner of Cockatoo. I heard another yacht in the fleet made contact so I am grateful for the advance warning I had from the crew.
Back into Humbug we could see the earlier starters becalmed so we went below all the fleet and managed to shave Onions Point on the way back in.
So all was well on the last race of the season and we won the handicap as well.

The Christmas BBQ back at Greenwich was well attended by and well enjoyed by all with some very excellent prizes for the raffle donated by the generous sponsors. As much as I willed it Keith did not pull one of my numbers out of the hat and I had to go home without the Helly Hansen wet weather gear or the Back Vintage wind selection or the Wild Oats bags but we did win one of Back Vintage wines for our handicap win.

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