I am currently working away on the ice box or refrigerator on our Didi 40 Cr and the one thing keeping me going is thinking of a cold beer after a days sailing. There is many ways to make an ice box and I have chosen to use a low density foam on the outside 50 mm and higher density foam on the inside 20 mm so that the fibreglass will not have to be too thick. The two layers of foam are installed in the box waiting for the fibreglass to go over the top and the top and end of the box are made and detailed ready for the foam to be fitted to them in the morning. I have to remember to insert some plywood into the foam to hold the condenser  as the light skin of fibreglass alone will not be strong enough.

There are lots of little jobs going on in parallel and I have a very specific list of jobs written out before the day starts. I think I am down to just four bits of plywood to fit inside plus the holding tank to make but as I type this I realize that I need rod holders for the three hanging lockers. Also the locker lid for the battery box has not worked out as expected as the hinges pull apart the wrong way. I need to remove the lid to be able to remove the end engine inspection hatch so I have a bit of thinking to do on this one before I will be content.

The car is full of engine compartment sound insulation and I want to install this directly onto the panels without putting them into temporary storage so that is another priority.

One long outstanding job has been completed to my satisfaction. When I glued up the panels that form the head the 45 degree join was a couple of millimeters out of straight. Now I can see a couple of millimeters so I neatly cut out the glue from the join and reglued it with thickened epoxy and this time used a massive straight edge to hold it all in line. The door trim also fits into this 45 degree join  and overlaps the first join. It is now in place also held straight with a straight edge until the glue cured. The 9 mm plywood door trim stiffens the door opening significantly so it is looking good.

First layer of foam in the ice box.

First layer of foam in the ice box.

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