First the Wednesday sailing results and that makes it two wins in a row. Last night was special because we picked the breeze well and were up with Utopia at Goat Island after a windward work and we managed to hold out Joli to the finish. It was a bit more exciting than that because even though the fleet was reduced for the holidays and Covid caution it was still sailed seriously. At the start we opted the port tack but Joli continued on starboard tack well after the gun and forced us beyond head to wind into a stalled tack. The sailing gods have a way of giving it back and on the run through Humbug we caught the fleet because of freshening wind from behind and then Kevin spotted wind on the left so we pointed up to it and then ran away for a handy lead at Cockatoo Island.

The view from Utopia as they pass us around Cockatoo Island

Around Cockatoo the quicker Utopia ran past but on the windward work we picked every shift right and even the covering tacks were onto lifts. While we were pleased with out tacks, Joli still gained on both of us by Goat Island.
Approaching Goat we were lining up to cross on port in front of Utopia on starboard. I thought we were well clear but just before we reached their line a strong gust rounded Passion X up and into an involuntary tack so we will never know if we would have crossed.
From there Utopia had us covered and we could not tack to round the island until they did. it is just as well that they held us up as we had a pretty significant header going into the rounding and that is where Joli on starboard lifted to the mark and made up ground.
From there it was a run home with Joli coming at us with breeze behind and then us pulling away when the breeze arrived. We had two more breaks our way, the first the freshening header approaching Humbug where with our jib held out we were able to come onto the reach quickly while Joli with the pole up had to run away. The second was sailing through Humbug without having to tack.
Ausreo was there but the light shifty conditions are not her strong point and she and crew wait patiently for stronger winds.

Between showers I took the covers off the new build and took some photos because with the forecast the covers could be on for a week. Lucky me the rain held off and I managed to glue another three stringers into their positions.

I can now glue in the side stringers except the No 1 at the bow where I have to leave it loose to fit the anchor locker floor. I might install the 12 mm ply sheeting on one side first before removing the very strong temporary brace that has been holding the stem while all stringers have been fixed in place. Anyway it is a debate I am having with myself because on Passion X all the internal furniture was fitted before I started sheeting but I would like to complete the skin back to the mast step so that I can leave the covers over that end.

Bottom stringers very curved compared to Passion X
A view from the quarter
Starboard side of the bow shaped ready for cladding. I had to do the shaping to find the best alignment for the stringer above the plywood tangent doubler

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