I am running a list of possible construction tasks from which to pick as the conditions dictate. The list does have sequences where some tasks have to be finished before the next one for ease of construction. For example to fit the base of the anchor locker at the bow I left one of the side stringers loose until the base was installed. Due to the triangular shape of the base and the stringers that run mid way through the length of the base it would be impossible to make a neat fit. Even with the loose stringer it was still tricky and I should have left the stringer doubler off the bulkhead as that 9 mm was critical. Being such small item it was easy enough to notch the base to get it to fit but it would have been neater and not required the small infill piece.

Before installing the base I filleted the bulkhead to the skin while I could stand on the ground. On the second side I will have to crawl into the locker under the anchor locker to do the filleting so I am on the lookout for tasks that are easier to do early rather than late.

The anchor locker base after installation. You can see how the stringer passes through the base. Also show are the two 22mm by 35mm stringers to stiffen the base and on the bow is a third layer of 12 mm ply to increase the gluing surface for the side sheets. the capping timber will be 12 mm thinner as a result
Filleting the anchor locker base from below and the bulkhead A to the skin while access is easy. After hull turning the anchor locker base will be glassed to the hull for durability.

Monday was an early start to pick up Passion X from Woolwich Dock after her annual antifouling but we still managed to get the first sheet of 12 mm ply installed on the starboard side albeit a late finish. Today we installed the second sheet on the starboard side so that both sides are fitted back to bulkhead D. When I say we I mean Elaine and I as we are getting into quite a productive routine with Elaine selecting the screws and placing them in the pre drilled holes so that I can run along with the impact drill and finish the job. The impact drill was a thoughtful Christmas present from two of the children and it has proven a great acquisition. One drill for the hole, another for the countersink and lastly the impact drill to drive the screws home and pull the plywood down to the stringers.

Today was quite an effort as the temperature soared into the 30’s making gluing impractical until the cool of the evening. Then as the afternoon wore on the rain clouds started to gather. As it was we timed it to perfection and had all the holes pre drilled and pre counter sunk so we could pull the glue surface faces together before the glue set.

We managed to beat the rain today but we have had a good run of fine days and plenty to do under the awnings for the next little time

While waiting for the temperature to drop I fitted one of the chainplate frames again to double check my position. With a range of clamps and temporary stringers I had it firmly fixed in place so as a last task before the rain hit I fixed it to the stringers with thickened epoxy. Once that has set I should be able to remove some of the clamps and install the other two thicknesses of 12 mm ply on the port side and then repeat the process on the starboard side.
While waiting for glue to cure I have still to fit bulkhead doublers for the next sheet of ply and there is bulkhead filletting piling up behind the sheeting.

Looking ahead I think the next milestone will be to get the chainplate frames installed and braced with the settee shelves so that they become an integral part of the structure. Then I can trim the excess on the hull side and fit the next sheet on both sides.

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