This heading for this blog is the dry comment from Geoff that just about sums up the week at Port Stephens. Apart from the first day when we did the three island course in fickle conditions the balance of the week was wet to different degrees. Normally Passion is very dry below because we do a lot of no extras sailing but for the Port Stephens Regatta we were dropping wet kites into the forepeak. After a few days of this we discovered the best idea was to stash the wet sails and sail bags into jumbo garbage bags so we soon had the interior back in order.

At the end of the regatta as a precaution we have stripped as much clothing and sailing gear as we can from Passion for a good wash and dry. Some wet carpet has been taken off for a wash and dry and the sails have been spread out in the warm cabin to air. With all these precautions she should be in good shape for the Winter Wednesdays starting in May.

Some of the damp gear from Passion ready for a wash and dry

In a few days the wet weather will be forgotten and all that will remain is the pleasure of sailing to the best of our ability against fellow sailors of similar disposition. In the Port Stephens Cup we finished in sixth place but only two point separated first and sixth with placings decided on count backs. For the Commodores Cup we finished fifth in a fleet of nineteen so we were consistent finishers.

Elaine and I enjoyed the trip up and back. Good Friday on the water from Newcastle to Sydney was ten hours of delightful weather suited to sunbathing, relaxing and tidying up the damp sails. With the sun shining through the windows warming up the cabin I spread the genoas out in the cabin to dry while Elaine kept watch. Wet gear spread out under the spray dodger was dry long before the sun set.

The final part of the sail home was to come through the heads at sunset and motor up the harbour in the time between sunset and full moon. Our journey to the mooring was interrupted be the Rhapsody of the Sea which was leaving the passenger terminal and blocking the way but we were on the mooring shortly after 1900 hours and ready for dinner and a good night sleep.

Easter Saturday was the best day for cleaning up. From dawn to 0900 hours there was no breeze and very little ferry traffic to interrupt our very thorough clean up on Passion so while the weather had been difficult early in the regatta it more than made up for it on the trip home.

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