Our small loyal crew of four enjoyed a quiet but entertaining afternoon chasing wisps of wind around the west harbour. The breeze was true to forecast at around three to seven knots with some very big shifts to reward those who went the right way. In our case the right was was to keep Passion moving and we succeeded on several occasions by going lower and faster to the new breeze. The highlight of the day was setting the big red white and blue spinnaker for the legs back from Goat Island to the shortened course finish at Cockatoo Island and in the process holding our the Adams 10 Boxer.
Early in the race we were hindered at the start but once away we started to catch the rear of the yellow fleet and were well amongst it after the run down the south side of Cockatoo Island. The downside from the hampered start was the leaders of the blue fleet catching us and giving us more than our fair share of wind shadow on the square run behind Schnpper and Spectacle Islands but to our delight we managed to round just in front of most of them and promptly worked away with some good lines up the north side of Cockatoo Island on the long work to Goat Island.
On the return from Goat Island to Cockatoo mark we were happy for an early finish as the wind died completely thirty minutes later. In our division we finished across the line ahead of five yachts and were rewarded with an eighth place on handicap out of the fifteen starters.

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